NHP Electrical Engineering Products (NHP) specialises in motor control, power distribution and automation systems. The site of this lighting project was at their QLD head office located at 16 Riverview Pl, Murarrie, Brisbane

NHP enjoys a long-term relationship with GE as a valued supplier to the electrical industry, and as a result they recognise that GE Lighting is a well-known and trusted brand. We were proud to complete their lighting upgrade and supply GE products. 

The scope of the lighting project was to upgrade NHP’s traditional external high intensity discharge (HID) lighting to more efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting for the following applications:

  • Security lighting (15 off)
  • Car park lighting (10 off)
  • Warehouse canopy lighting (4 off)

The original external building security lighting involved a combination of:

  • 70W metal halide (MH) bulkheads mounted at a height of 6m
  • 150W MH wall-mounted shoe box fittings mounted at a height of 3m
  • 150W MH pole-mounted shoe box fittings mounted at a height of 3.1m

All the fittings had their MH lamps replaced with the LSS 35W LED 4000K retrofit lamp.  One of the advantages of this LED lamp is that it doesn’t require any control gear to operate and can be installed directly to mains power.  This results in less overall power usage  the 70W MH fitting has a total circuit wattage of around 90W so by using the 35W LED lamp they achieved approximately 60% savings on power usage and for the 150W MH fitting, they achieved approximately 80% savings.  The resulting light levels have been acknowledged by NHP as fit-for-task and they are very happy with the outcome.

The original car park lighting was achieved using 400W MH pole-mounted shoe box fittings mounted at a height of 8.0m.  The shoe box fittings were post-top mounted on square profile poles.

Our solution was to use our GE Eco R250 240W Gen 1 4000K, new generation modular road light.  As the NHP car park lights are on a switching circuit, we supplied shorting caps for each luminaire to be installed in the NEMA socket so that the NHP time-switching could still be utilised.  Also, as our Eco fittings are spigot-mounted, we designed and supplied a purpose-built luminaire installation bracket to facilitate the installation.  This was seen as a positive by NHP as spigot-mounted luminaires are their preferred option. Again, significant power savings were realised and the resulting light levels met the required standards.

The original warehouse awning lighting was achieved using 400W MH surface-mounted fittings mounted at a height of 7.0m.  Our solution was to use our compact GE 200W 4000K area lighter floodlight in the symmetrical/wide beam option, mounted via a trunnion arm.  In this application, no NEMA socket was incorporated in the floodlight so NHP could switch the canopy lighting as desired.

Overall, NHP were extremely satisfied with the resulting lighting levels, efficiency and power savings achieved in this project.