Technology Partners

We are proud to work with leading lighting and technology brands from around the globe, utilising the latest technology to develop market leading products and solutions for our local customers.

We hold licensing rights agreements with GE which gives us direct access to GE’s manufacturing hubs in China, Europe and the USA to develop and import products specific to our customers’ requirements in Australia and New Zealand.

GE Current is a global leader in lighting and street lighting solutions with a focus on delivering comprehensive and future-proof lighting solutions.  We are proud to be the approved distributor of GE Current products and solutions in the AU/NZ region.

Daintree Networks (acquired by GE Current) offers the leading open wireless controls solution which delivers dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements. Daintree helps smart buildings run more efficiently and with increased productivity while also providing a platform for the Internet of Things.

Established in 1896, Tungsram is one of Hungary’s oldest and most renowned lighting brands. The Tungsram Group offers premium quality lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, traditional lamps, automotive lamps, as well as drivers and transformers. Its highly-productive supply chain is centered around its five factories in Hungary working to the highest quality standards with its 4000+ employees and a network of 1600 suppliers and partners around the globe.

Telematics was founded as a spin-off of an Israeli communications leader, Tadiran Communication to convert Tadiran’s most advanced military communication technology into civilian applications. With over 14 million wireless M2M devices installed globally, Telematics Wireless today is a world leader in the IoT (Internet of Things) and its most promising application – Smart Cities.

Exclusive to us, Envirolux is a range of flood/spot lights that offers a selection of fixture types/distributions and light intensity for all sport lighting requirements with proven success in domestic markets and internationally.

The Beacon Lighting Group provides Connected Light Solutions with a range of support resources and capabilities including, warehouses in both Melbourne and Brisbane, Technical Compliance Engineers in Australia and China, Marketing, Finance, IT and Human Resources.


Located in Epping Melbourne, Masson Manufacturing is the Beacon Group's Australian manufacturing facility.  This state of the art facility enables Connected Light Solutions to customise our existing range, with the capability to develop new products locally. 


SITECO is a leading supplier of technical lighting, with more than 150 years of history as part of the German lighting industry. Today, SITECO is one of the leading providers of technical lighting for street, tunnel, stadia, industry, office and retail. 



In 1977, K-LITE began a long journey of innovation in lighting products, chasing the dream of light. For 40 years, K-LITE has stood for innovation and sustainable development in the Indian lighting industry, supported by its manufacturing hub in Chennai, India

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